The Design Process

The Design Process

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Along with how much does it cost, the most frequent question I get  “How long will it take?”. The truth is that for a smaller site, not that long. Something in the range of 15-25 hours to design/revise/approve and another 25-40 hours to code the site is probably close.

The question I always come back with when someone asks me this question is “How long will it take you?” If I send you a mockup for design approval, how long will it take you to get back to me? Time is hard to come by to make decisions, its even worse – but a good response time makes all the difference in my time and yours.

While all small business owners want and need a website, most are unprepared for all the work that needs to go into it. My job is to create a design that works for your business and makes it easy to use and compelling for your customers. Your job is to sell your products and services. I can help you with structure, design and functionality, but only you can tell me about your business.

If I have the content, photos, basic layout of what you want your visitors to see first, second, etc.  This can be a quick turnaround!