Web Sites!

affordable web design

Content is Key

A new or your first website is very exciting! There is so much that can be done on the web to brand your business, advertise, be found in searches.

Gone are the days of yellow pages and flyers. Now is the time of Web Presence. A home domain, a website to welcome visitors, a local business listing and social presence.

All of that may sound daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.

What to Expect

First things first. Look around on the web searching on businesses similar to yours. Make a list like the one below adding whatever you admire or don’t. Its just as important to list what you don’t want as what you do.

  • Colors
  • Sections/Format
  • Scrolling (do the photos scroll?)
  • Content – what content jumps out at you?
  • Photos – what type of photos do you want to showcase?
  • Backgrounds, photo vs color

First Step

Now, after you have a good idea what you want (and don’t) give me a call and let’s flush out what can and cannot be done within your budget. Generalizations work, but only so far. If you want to remain in a budget, its important to know what is mandatory and what is just pretty.

Second Step

Now that we’ve been communicating and have determined what it is that you want in a website; domain name. Its time to buy a domain name with the main keyword (marketing and search engine hook).

A domain name can simply be the name of your business, but it is the cornerstone of your web presence.

The cost is minimal and annual. Usually around $15.

One More Preparation

With the format/design sketched out, the domain purchased. Its time for a hosting account. Website hosting is important to think about due to many factors. Read my blog here about my experience and who I use for all my websites when needed.